Today’s Collectables | Tomorrow’s Antiques
In my work I use beautiful and unusual timbers, sometimes in combination with metals or semi-precious stones, to design and create desirable and collectible pieces. Traditional cabinet working methods are combined with new materials and techniques to push forward the frontiers of making and design. This can be seen both in my large pieces of furniture, right down to the smallest intriguing treasure boxes. All the pieces bear a small inlaid metal plate with the maker's logo.

When a client wishes to commission a piece of my furniture, the first stage is a site visit to see the proposed position, and talk over the client's hopes and wishes in some detail, also taking my extensive portfolio to see with which previous they may feel an affinity. I will then work on drawings for ideas, and also make up some finished timber samples. These having been approved, and a deposit paid, I will then go ahead with a piece, which I will deliver and install myself.

A signed provenance accompanies each piece.